Två helgtips

Lange Nacht der Museen. Gå på museum tills du storknar. En biljett kostar 15 euro och gäller för typ alla museum i stan. En skyttelbuss tar dig mellan, men biljetten gäller också i U-bahn. Pågår mellan 18-02.

Bakisloppis på sköna restaurangen White Trash Fast Food. Börjar klockan 12.00, slutar 05.00. 
Liveband utlovas. 

© Foto: Sergej Horovitz

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  1. Hallo Johanna! Good tips :) Although I have to say that the one night I went to WTFF the band was so horrible! lol! It was fun anyways and I will never forget it. The place is great though, so if the bands are good, it's sure to be a great time.

    ps. Won't be coming in today in case you haven't guessed that already. Felt like playing hooky today :)

    LG, Holly

  2. ps. again! : Green Week is ending on the weekend. An international fair for food, agriculture and horticulture


    Might interest some. I think I will check it out later today...

  3. Thanks Holly! And I know, you have to be quite lucky to catch a good band at WTFF... But the environment and atmosphere is worth a visit anyway!


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